Where do I start collecting Cyber Currency?

Free Bitcoin Hub

There are several cyber currency exchanges that you can use today, my favorite is Coinomi (Get Account HERE) because they have a handy app and will convert many of the Cryptocurrency options that are out there to any of the others or cash for a very small fee.  You will also want to get a BlockChain account for your bitcoin or Satoshi investing.  There is no charge for either of these accounts.  Be sure you sign up through your favorite Bitcoin hub below, and check back in to FREE Bitcoin HUB just go ahead and book mark us now or you can like us on facebook

My Favorite Places to acquire Cyber Currency

free Bitcoin Lottery
This is by far my favorite and have won big a couple times, I also share back half my referral commissions back with the active users I have seen many winners of the lottery with less than 50 tickets or 25 clicks which would also generate roughly 20,000 Satoshi but should you hit the lottery it could mean 2-3+ bitcoin do the math with the price listed to your right.
Free Bitcoin Hub
I do them one right after another no lottery here though.Happy Clicking once an hour.
Get Bitcoins every Hour For Free
I Love the classic feel of this game, reminds me of first RPG games.

Why do I want to start collecting Cyber Currency?

I started collecting cyber currency because there is real money to be made with it.  That is the easy answer for me but there are multiple reasons to do, it some of them being:

You can collect bitcoins, satoshi, dogecoins, or a variety of other cryptocurrencies for free.

You can make greater interest or rate of return on investing bitcoins.

You can mine cyber currencies.

You can easily exchange bitcoins for any currency around the world.

You can bet bitcoins legally across international borders.

Bitcoins are being accepted more regularly across the internet.

Cyber Currency exchange can seem scary to those used to using banking institutions.  But it is a simple way to move money electronically with little to no fees applied on either end.  For countless years,  credit card companies have gotten a percentage on both sides of the transaction.  To this day, retailers pay a percentage to be able to accept a credit card transaction and then the cardholder pays interest, what a racket.

Earn Bitcoins for Web Surfing

Ad Bit Faucet and Advertising site.

Btc Vic

Like to read? Earn Bitcoins for Reading Books

Investing/Mining Options.

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card
Only good outside of the United States.
Gen Mining

If you like to Gamble

Bstrz afbanner btcoffer 728x90
Free Spins await.
Buy Generic Drugs with no prescription with Bitcoin.

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