Investing with bitcoin

Investing with bitcoin is getting easier everyday and it is way more profitable than conventional investing.

Although you should look carefully at the companies that you are dealing with or just save my site and since we are both new at this you can share your experiences here.

With many companies out there that offer you the ability to double your investment in 72-100 hours I am trying one now.

It is easy to buy bitcoins with a wire transfer from your bank I recommend Coinbase if your in the US or Coince if you are outside the US.

You can even set up your own advertising marketing funnel for your business.

Big corporations are doing it why shouldn’t you Microsoft is backing a new Cryptocurrency and have gone away from bitcoin, but it is the same concept and designed from Bitcoin.

There are cyber currencies springing up all over the place but right now but bitcoin is king, think of it as a hedge against the currency you use everyday.

I do know that interest rates on banking a bitcoin is far Superior than a traditional bank or financial planner.

There are risks like with any investment like a complete collapse of the internet. What would we do then?

Although the value of a bitcoin fluctuates it has leveled out and varies the past month from $400-435 and from what I have seen best time to buy is on the weekend.  Seems to be when people want to sell.  there is the handy tracker on the side of the screen so you can see what it is going for.

See it is easy to transfer a crypt-o-currency and with the growth of the internet and world markets it is easier to use one form that easily converts to your own real world currency.  If you were Hesitant or Wary of this kind of currency, I was with you just a month ago and I have learned that It is the right time to jump into the market.

You see I ran into this site below, they got me with free bitcoin lottery last week the winner won 3.77 bitcoins worth about $1500 US and I have built enough Satoshi or fracional bitcoin to invest, I Love Free Stuff!  Now I am fully investing in bitcoin and making profit on the internet with cryptocurrency.

I then invested with Avabitcoin, And I got Took!

after 48 hours
after 48 hours with advbitcoin investing with bitcoins
1 weeks with advbitcoin investing with bitcoins
investing with bitcoins
3 weeks with advbitcoin investing with bitcoins

I got a referral who I feel worse for they deposited close to .5 bitcoin… I lost just over.02 the company just simply disappeared this past weekend 4/7/16.

Free Bitcoin Hub is a scam is a scam.  They do not double your bitcoins and will simply suspend your account when you call them out on it.  Don’t fall prey to them like I did.

I took this in there facts section (see Below) relating to investing below the minimum to mean that they would come through with any amount deposited, I deposited .002 bitcoin.

You might make things difficult for us by doing this but we will still always double your deposit for you no matter the amount. It may just take us a little extra work to join the smaller deposit amount with a larger one to get the job done. If 72 hours have passed and we still have not doubled your bitcoins for you then we will dip into our emergency savings wallet in order to get the job done, which we’ve saved from additional profits and use in case of failed or halted doubles. Additionally, at any time if you feel you have sent too little or lower than the DMB minimum you can always help speed up the doubling process by sending more BTC to the same DMB address.

Double-my-btc Scam
This is a SCAM Stay away from this site! Don’t believe them!

After 96 hours I contacted, then after a week and I got the response that you account has been suspended.  So I am out my .002 bitcoins and they will not accept any contact form from my computer, and they did not respond to the contact forms I already submitted. is a SCAM and you should stay away from them, or any company that has not been up and running for more than a couple of months.

Yet another SCAM

So I have now been scammed by 3 bitcoin investment companies so I will say you need to beware of any of them.  If you really want to invest with bitcoin you can