Double My BTC Scam

Double My BTC Scam!!

I am sure that Double-My-BTC .co is a Scam as they have scammed me.  I reviewed the site and have seen it advertised on several sites and thought that I would give it a try.

In their faq section they state what will happen if I invest less than the minimum investment amount.

You might make things difficult for us by doing this but we will still always double your deposit for you no matter the amount. It may just take us a little extra work to join the smaller deposit amount with a larger one to get the job done. If 72 hours have passed and we still have not doubled your bitcoins for you then we will dip into our emergency savings wallet in order to get the job done, which we’ve saved from additional profits and use in case of failed or halted doubles. Additionally, at any time if you feel you have sent too little or lower than the DMB minimum you can always help speed up the doubling process by sending more BTC to the same DMB address.

Lies Lies lies, I contacted them 96 hours after depositing .002 bitcoins and got no response.  I then tried to contact them after a week and I was informed that my account was suspended and I could no longer contact them from my computer even with other email addresses.  Double my BTC Scam is pervasive and I got taken hopefully you will not after reading this post.

There apparently are these type of scams out there all over the place with bitcoin.  It is an unfortunate truth about the internet that it has given unscrupulous people the ability to scam people out of money or bitcoins without ever having to look them in the eye.  It was and is very frustrating to loose money the good thing is that all of my bitcoin is Bitcoin that I collected for free actions.

There are safe places to invest your bitcoins my favorite being..

Summer BTC
The nice thing about Summer is the bigger investment options and no fees for withdraw.

I hope this post keeps you from being Scammed by Double-My_BTC .co their ad looks like this stay away from these scammers.

Double My BTC Scam
Double My BTC or Bitcoins is a SCAM! Don’t trust this link ever.

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