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Really free bitcoins are out there to be had, and the Free Bitcoin Hub is here to show you the best way to get you started to earn free bit coin hub profits just by clicking. Bitcoins are REAL and can be traded for any currency, they are maintained in what is called a Block Chain, or basically a transnational documentation of what accounts it has exchanged between.

There are lots of Cypto currencies out there to be had you will see all sorts of them my 2 favorite are Bitcoin and Doge.

What Is a Bitcoin?

Well in the short of it is a form of crypt-o-currency a form of electronic payment to use in order to NOT USE regular money or Banking Institutions or Credit Cards.  You can actually stay fairly anonymous to the recipient and in most cases a transaction, until of course you deposit it into your regular bank account.

 My best friend is a Certified Financial Planner and I was discussing it with him and he was so against it, really uneducated about it and found it hard to believe that you can trade for real money but it is true and legal.  Apparently he can not be involved in it at all Because it violates his license, in other words it is hard for the US Government to track.

Currently a 1. bitcoin is trading between $420-$435 in United States Dollars.
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